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Wall Therapy
An art and community intervention project

In 2015, I began documenting WALL\THERAPY, which uses public murals as a means to transform the urban landscape, inspire, and build community in Rochester, N.Y. Every July, a group of artists from around the world come together to create murals on participating buildings around the city. The murals have become part of the community conversation and identity, and the fabric of the city. Local art classes and schools tour the public art as part of the curriculum and the project is now recognized worldwide. 

While WALL\THERAPY heals cities through art, its sister initiative, IMPACT! (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology), does its healing by setting up diagnostic imaging sites in developing countries. The connection between art and medical philanthropy is imagery. Street murals enhance life. Medical X-ray imagery preserves it. 

In 2015, WALL\THERAPY was selected to partner with the Google Cultural Institute Street Art Project to ensure that all murals would be accessible through capturing the imagery of the work and through interactive access via Google Maps.

Founder - Ian Wilson

Co Curators - Ian Wilson

                      Erich Lehman

Documentary Team - Mark Deff

                                  Quajay Donnell

                                  Kes Efstathiou

                                  Tomas Flint

                                  Chris Hogan-Roy

                                  Jenn Poggi

                                  Jason Wilder

                                  Ted Wong

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