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The Kalish
A visual editing workshop

The Kalish workshop, named for the legendary Milwaukee Journal picture editor Stan Kalish, is a division of the National Press Photographers Foundation Inc. The workshop engages participants to develop an exceptional eye for excellence in visual editing, its value, the process, and its purpose in their workplaces. It helps visual thinkers bring their knowledge to the next level and give them the leadership skills needed to change their newsrooms and our industry for the better.

In 2015, I began serving on the faculty of The Kalish. I've made presentations on pre-planning for unexpected breaking news, discussing steps staff can take to be better prepared and strategic about handling a large-scale response. I've also prepared “Decide and Defend” exercises using real examples that visual storytellers in news and other organizations have faced. Finally, I have built two and three-part visual storytelling exercises using still and moving images, graphics, text, and other content challenging small teams of participants to make decisions based on platform and time parameters.

In 2018, I worked with then workshop director Randy Greenwell and advisory board member Sue Morrow to redesign the Kalish website. The first step I took was to review and copy-edit existing language and generate additional text for the new site. I also created a flow chart to storyboard what the revised site could look like and researched a new site host that would allow for easier initial construction and routine maintenance, as well as consolidate the administrative work necessary to run the workshop.

I consolidated still and moving content from previous workshops and mapped the visual storytelling on each page to better share the important story of The Kalish experience. Using some of the site tools available, I built a business side of the website that streamlines the application process, allows participants to select and pay for their accommodations, creates a centralized mobile-friendly tool for communicating information during the workshop, and maintains a database of Kalish alumni so can better engage once the week is over.

In 2019, I joined the advisory board and began helping to organize the workshop. In the wake of COVID, the week-long workshop went dark for two years. However, we launched a series of free webinars to engage the visual storytelling community while we couldn't meet in person. In late 2022, I will become the workshop director and look forward to maintaining the high standards that previous directors have set.

Director - Sue Morrow


Advisory Board - Chloe Coleman

                            Danny Gawlowski

                            Randall Greenwell

                            Danese Kenon

                            Kevin Martin

                            Sue Morrow

                            Jenn Poggi

                            Brian Storm

Faculty (past and present)


(Photography and Video by Willie J. Allen, Jr. and Chris Zuppa)

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