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RITPJ Short Films
Screenings at the Rochester Fringe Festival

Since 2018, the photojournalism faculty has curated a series of student films to present in a program at The Little Theatre during Rochester's Fringe Festival. The event, which is free and open to the public, highlights much of the video storytelling created by senior capstone students. However, occasionally work from the Non-Fiction Storytelling and Advance Multimedia Classes are featured.

2022 Program

"Care" Marili Vaca

"In Her Field" Jennie Thomas

"The Fighter" Boris Shirman

"Planting in Concrete" Kaitlyn Dolan

"This is Beef Gordon" Trisha Picklehaupt


2021 Program

"Asa" Ben Braun

"Hallowed Ground" Catie Rafferty

"Two Worlds"  Rebekah Hange

"Learning Together" Julia Popowich

2019 Program

"Love Bares All Things" Kim Bubello

"Bradley" Zack DeClerk

"No Funny Business" Brittainy Newman

"Coming Together" Ellen O'Neill

"A Father's Choice" Temoc Paz

"Finding A New Normal" Jordan Roth

'Left Unsaid" Traci Westcott

2018 Program

"Mylasia" Niki Walker

"Paving The Way" Meg Oliphant

"My Brother Blake" Joey Ressler

"Everything Is Good" Rugile Kaladyte

"Brittney" Maureen MacGregor

"Isle Au Haut" Dominique Hessert

"Born Again" Nina Peskanov


RITPJ student Joey Ressler at Susan B. Anthony gravesite in Mt. Hope Cemetery on Election Day November 11, 2016.. (Photograph by A. Sue Weisler)


Video by Dominique Hessert

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