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Image Nation
A student project covering Imagine RIT


Imagine RIT is a campus-wide event that showcases the creative and innovative spirit of the students, faculty, and staff at Rochester Institute of Technology. Visitors experience the breadth and interactive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibitions, performing arts, and research projects set up across campus. Since its inception in 2008, RIT photojournalism students have documented the festival for the experience of covering a large event for digital and social platforms with multiple deadlines throughout the day. William Snyder coordinated the student cover original, with various photojournalism faculty adding support. 

I began organizing this annual coverage in 2016, making a couple of changes to the format and execution. Image Nation became an official Imagine RIT exhibitor. As such, we moved the newsroom to a more centrally located computer lab so festival goers could watch and interact with the burgeoning journalists.


Faculty Advisor - Jenn Poggi 


Student Participants - Bryan Bennet

                                    Dillon Berrus

                                    Noah Bogusz

                                    Cheyenne Boone

                                    Matteo Bracco

                                    Tom Brenner

                                    Kim Bubello

                                    Cal Cary

                                    Sara Collins

                                    Elizabeth Crockford

                                    Danielle DeVries

                                    Kaitlyn Dolan

                                    Svea Elisha

                                    Bridget Fetsko

                                    Dominique Hessert

                                    Emily Hunt

                                    Riley Joslin

                                    Cassidy Keith

                                    Dustin Kushious

                                    Jackie Molloy

                                    Evan Maloney

                                    Kristen McNicholas

                                    Brittainy Newman

                                    Analise Olzewski

                                    Ellen O'Neill

                                    Paula Ospina

                                    Samantha Oughton

                                    Michael Owens

                                    Temoc Paz

                                    Joey Ressler

                                    Trish Pickelhaupt

                                    Jed Plumley

                                    Rebeca Posadas-Nava

                                    Catie Rafferty

                                    Molly Richardson

                                    Cindy Roblero

                                    Boris Shirman

                                    Brittney Strong

                                    Daniel Vasta

                                    Tia Weiss

                                    Traci Westcott

                                    Noah Winslow

                                    Santiago Zurbia



Emily Hunt captures video during Imagine RIT 2018. (Photograph by Bridget Fetsko)i

Video by Dominique Hessert

Video by Kaitlyn Dolan

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