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National Press Photographers Association at RIT


Rochester Institute of Technology has an award-winning student chapter of the National Press Photographers Association. I have been involved with RIT NPPA since my earliest days on campus in 2013, regularly participating in student chapter meetings, making special topic presentations to students, and serving as the picture editing category coordinator for their annual “What We Do” contest.


In August 2021, I began serving as the faculty advisor. Chapter attendance and leadership were lagging in the wake of 18 months of COVID-19 and institutional knowledge about this campus club was waning. I assisted the existing executive board with governance issues and helped them create in-person fall programming. The club hosted regular student-judged picture-of-the-month competitions, zoom sessions with working photojournalists, and a joint meeting with the Ohio University student chapter.


In February 2022, a new e-board was elected. In addition to creating regular programming, they successfully planned and executed a return to the annual What We Do student photography contest, which had not been held since spring 2019. This group is working hard to reestablish the club's social media presence and continue to grow student participation. They are committed to building a respectful community of mutual support and encouragement.

2022 E Board

Georgia Pressley, President

Daniel Sarch, Vice President

Maya Giron, Secretary

Mattie Neretin, Treasurer 

Sophie  Proe, Social Media

Ariana Shchuka, What We Do Chair

Jenn Poggi, Faculty Advisor


RITPJ alumni Chloe Coleman, left, Amy Rossetti, center back, and Seth Gitner participate in What We Do contest judging.  (Photograph by Jenn Poggi)


RITPJ alum Tom Brenner shows recent work during a joint NPPA meeting with students from Ohio University's student chapter. (Photograph by Jenn Poggi)

Scenes from RIT NPPA student chapter meetings. (Photograph by Jenn Poggi)

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